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About Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is a modern mystic, a spiritual teacher whose work integrates the essence of the great traditions of wisdom with scientific knowledge and his own personal experience. He offers a unique approach for living as a “mystic in the marketplace,” guiding people towards a deeper level of self-awareness and personal response-ability: from an ego-centered worldview to a life of authentic expression, service, and alignment. His teaching combines transformational processes that address trauma and shadow issues, somatic awareness practices, advanced meditative practices, and a sophisticated analysis of cultural architecture. Since 2004 Thomas has been active worldwide, leading workshops, multi-year training programs, online courses, and events such as the popular Celebrate Life Festival which brings together more than 1,500 people annually for a ten-day immersive event. For more information about Thomas’ activities, visit

About Our Practice Groups

We are a community of practitioners studying with contemporary spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl. Our goal is to help create a vibrant community in support of individual and collective awakening. We sponsor practice groups each month that are open to anyone with an interest in Thomas's work. These facilitated evenings explore mystical principles using tools that include meditation and transparent communication. We also sponsor social events, courses and other activities.

Update, July 18, 2021: Now that the pandemic is winding down in the Bay Area, we will be resuming the Santa Rosa in-person practice group beginning July 25. Our Monday evening online practice group will continue indefinitely. It has turned out to be a group where most participants actually live outside the Bay Area. It’s been a great service during the pandemic so for now we have no plans to change it. We don’t have immediate plans to return to in-person practice in the East Bay, but it is under consideration. We will let you know if and when that changes.

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Online Practice Group

Every Monday, 7:00pm to 9:00pm Pacific Time

Click this link to join the session:

Or enter this meeting ID in your Zoom app: 909-919-181

Facilitators: Catharine Brook Anderson, Jane Arzt, Gail Brenner, Alissa Macpherson, David Sherman

Santa Rosa In-Person Practice Group

Update August 20: We restarted the in-person Santa Rosa group in July with a warm and intimate meeting at a private residence. Everyone was really enjoying practicing in person again! Our intention was to meet monthly for a few months, but then the coronavirus delta variant exploded around the world, and many restrictions on gatherings have been reimposed. We delaying in-person meetings until the situation improves, but we are also considering hosting an outdoor session if we can find a good location. We will let you know if this happens. (You can sign up for our email list above if you're not already on it.)

Facilitators: Samuel Bernier, Sarah Alexander, Bill McCart

Meditation Resources

Twice-a-Month "Download Meditation"

First and Third Tuesday of the Month, 12:00 to 12:45pm Pacific

Hundreds of people from around the world (including Thomas) participate in this meditation in virtual space. You sit alone wherever you are and tune into the collective field as part of the meditation practice. Click here for more information, and to sign up to get email reminder notices. This article also has good information about the meditation.

Thomas Hübl Meditation Group in the Insight Timer App

Insight Timer is a mobile app for iPhone and Android devices that, in addition to being a handy tool for timing your meditations, has a group for those doing Thomas’s work. If you join the group you’ll be able to see who in the group is meditating at the same time as you are, and even exchange messages with them. Click here for more information.

We invite you to visit our Facebook page where we will host conversations and share resources about what Thomas calls being a "mystic in the marketplace."

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